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Meet the Future of Cleaning

Small Sheet, Big Clean

Ditch laundry day drama, embrace Sudsi's laundry detergent sheets! These eco-warriors dissolve instantly, unleashing plant-powered clean without the bulky bottle blues. Sudsi freshness blooms with every load, leaving clothes squeaky-clean & planet-happy. Travel-friendly, convenient, powerful – Sudsi is the future of laundry. 
Join the revolution, one sheet at a time.


All Natural

Every Sudsi sheet is packed with nature's best to deliver a spotless wash.

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Instant Action, 

No Waiting

Our fast-dissolving formula ensures an immediate and effective clean, every time.

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Compact Yet Mighty

Small but mighty, taking on dirt like a champ! Experience cleaning power in compact form.

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Unbox Greatness

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Spill Joy, 

Not Liquid


Bubbles without troubles! Sudsi strips away the mess of powders and liquids.


Ditch the plastic, switch to Sudsi – for a cleaner world, from coast to closet.


Your wallet's new best friend for a change that makes perfect cents!

Wash Smarter, 

Not Harder




All Machines

Stain Removal

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Per Wash


Per Wash

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Sudsi Unpacked

What are Sudsi laundry detergent sheets?

Sudsi laundry sheets are an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional liquid and powder detergents. Made from all-natural ingredients, these pre-measured sheets dissolve easily in water, providing an effective clean for your laundry while being gentle on the environment and your skin.

How do Sudsi sheets benefit the environment?

Our sheets significantly reduce environmental impact by using minimal, recyclable packaging, being lightweight to lower transportation emissions, and being free from harsh chemicals. This makes them a more sustainable choice compared to traditional detergents.

Are Sudsi sheets suitable for all washing machines and fabrics?

Yes, Sudsi sheets are designed to work efficiently in all types of washing machines, including HE, front-loaders, and top-loaders, and are safe for almost all fabric types, including delicate items like wool and silk. Our laundry strips can also be used in hot or cold water.

What makes Sudsi sheets more convenient than traditional detergents?

Sudsi sheets offer mess-free, precise usage with no need for measuring, unlike liquid or powder detergents. Their compact and lightweight design also saves storage space, making them ideal for modern, clutter-free homes.

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